Well look who's coming back to the Elbo Room. After a long absence, I'll be there on a Friday night too. 8/14. 
All I need is an audience. So mark your calendars and come out. Assure me that I won't be exiled from Lincoln Avenue for this long ever again.
Whew, blew the lights out tonight at the Buzz in Oak Park. 
Took out a good chunk of the power grid. 
Always do an unamplified, stripped down set, but this time we had to light candles. Felt like the old basement clubs we used to play. Heat got to be stifling though and modern day cash registers can't function. So early night. 
Be back next month to see what further damage we can do.
Had a great time at Phyllis' Thursday with Andrew D. Huber and his assorted Geckos. Hope you were there, if not there is always next time.
Booked about 7 new shows in the last two days. Nice response after sending an email to my bookers. Some new venues. 
Always a bit disappointed when some of the old ones don't respond. New owners, new directions, whatever. 
Hope to see all of my old friends out there soon.
This Thursday, I'll be opening for Andrew Huber at Phyllis'. Like to see you show up.
Listen to your favorite Mike tunes anywhere on Spotify!
Mike is doing  all his favorites on Spotify. Be sure to subscribe so that you hear them as they are released. And yes, they do pay him.
Every month, Mike plays the Buzz Cafe in the shadows of young Ernie Hemingway and Frank Lloyd Wright. Usually this show is just Mike and the guitar, no amps, no pa systems, no gimmicks. It's what folk music used to be. Food is good too. Try it. You'll like it.

We're continuing our American Troubadour series at historic Phyllis'. Trying to bring the best of what I hear out to a Sunday night songwriter series.  Once a month. Check out the schedule on Page 1.
Phyllis; has been around since 1954 and been a bar even before that. Almost everyone has played there. Gene Autry busked outside and Nelson Algren tipped a pint or two. The place hasn't changed all that much. Happy to be here.
The new interview! Ron Felten interviews Mike Felten and the Thunder Rolls! https://soundcloud.com/simlpodcast/episode-3-mike-f